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Advanced optics touch nearly every aspect of our lives. Smaller, lighter, more capable optical components will improve and enable applications in displays and entertainment, augmented and virtual reality, machine vision, terrain mapping and LiDAR, medical imaging, defense, consumer electronics, and more. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality​

Wearables require compact and low weight optics, to maximize consumer acceptance  and minimize neck strain and fatigue. Device longevity and price point are critical to adoption. 

Myrias’ solution enables inexpensive, durable AR/VR waveguides with the highest FOV, able to withstand harsh operating environments. 

Machine Vision and Advanced Robotics​

Optical assemblies, paramount to machine vision systems and advanced robotics, use bulky curved lenses, which need to be precisely aligned and air spaced.  

Myrias’ metalenses have ~ 1 µm thick active layer with high numerical apertures, drastically reducing component size, assembly volume and complexity.

Automotive LiDAR​

LiDAR systems are bulky primarily due to the use of heavy and bulky optics. As autonomous vehicles evolve, size, weight, power and cost must be optimized to provide safety and durability for vehicles at all price points. 

Myrias’ metalenses at IR wavelengths enable compact and lightweight optics for these systems without sacrificing size or cost. 

Defense and Aerospace​

Reaching orbit requires minimizing component weight especially in machine vision systems that are heavy and bulky. ​

Myrias’ compact all-inorganic metalenses provide superior optical performance, stability and durability under challenging environmental and high-G conditions. ​

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