Myrias Optics is Hiring Optical Engineers!


Myrias Optics

Our Services

Myrias Optics provides a full range of services leading to full scale manufacturing at low costs:

  • R&D: Provide a design or desired performance specifications and Myrias will fabricate optical components for testing and refinement.
  • Pilot Scale: Provide a template or “master” and Myrias will perform an initial scale-up demonstration to back out critical information about material and process dependencies.

At any stage in development, Myrias can assist in expediting the timeline to production, saving time, money and resources.

Custom Development​

Have a material, target structure or device in mind?

We offer formulation, device design and processing development.​

Short-Run Manufacturing​

Want to pilot test a product, but don’t want to invest in new tooling?​

Myrias has access to facilities for wafer scale manufacturing.​


Already have solutions, but need help with new designs, processes or materials?​​

Myrias can help anticipate and circumvent problems for an expedited route to scale.​

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